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Sa., 21. Okt.



Generational Healing Theater Workshop w/Nicole Pearson

Open to all genders! Move beyond abstract discussions of colonialism and decolonization. Dive deep into understanding the legacies we inherit, the hierarchies we carry, and how they shape us. Uncover your own power and vulnerabilities.

Generational Healing Theater Workshop w/Nicole Pearson
Generational Healing Theater Workshop w/Nicole Pearson

Zeit & Ort

21. Okt. 2023, 11:00 – 22. Okt. 2023, 16:00

Berlin, Choriner Str. 10, 10119 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

The workshop will take place on two consecutive days:

  • Saturday, October 21st 2023, 11am - 5pm
  • Sunday, October 22nd 2023, 12 pm/noon - 4pm

Admission Fee: 20 €

Please register here:

We find ourselves at a critical moment when the world is splintering into smaller and smaller factions. Fearful and angry we are triggered by the charged political events unfolding around us. War, fascism, and the refugee and climate crisis are just a few polarizing problems keeping us apart. To confront these problems we must find a way to come together.

The Generational Healing Theater Workshop is a community-building tool. Designed to help us repair the wounds of separation within ourselves, our community, and the world. In the workshop, we learn how we uphold patriarchal white supremacy by embodying and expressing colonial hierarchies in our interpersonal relationships.

Breaking the cycle of trauma begins with recognizing and reconciling the fact that our lineage is comprised of both victims and perpetrators. Trauma is manifested by the people who receive violence as well as those who perpetuate it. We do not have to personally experience the trauma to be affected by it. We carry it in our bodies. Epigenetics is the study of how trauma is passed through generations. In the workshop, we reconnect with our bodies through playful movement, breathwork, and sound. It is this connection that allows us to explore the legacies we have inherited, get familiar with the hierarchies we embody and how these two forces shape us. We learn to acknowledge past and present trauma and celebrate the life those tumultuous changes have made possible. Finally, the workshop is a story-building tool. We use the process to access and share our family stories weaving them together into a collective narrative.

October is an especially potent moment to connect with our ancestors. There are a few nights at the end of October beginning of November when it is said the worlds of the living and the dead align. We celebrate the lives of our dearly departed using food, flowers, and memory as a way to for a brief moment bring them into the presence with us.

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