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TALKS ON MENTAL HEALTH by psychologist Felicia Lazaridou

Vol 3 - Women* and mental health - the intersectionality of social inequalities and ethnic disparities

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TALKS ON MENTAL HEALTH  by psychologist Felicia Lazaridou
TALKS ON MENTAL HEALTH  by psychologist Felicia Lazaridou

Zeit & Ort

14. Mai 2020, 19:00

Frauenkreise, Choriner Str. 10, 10119 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

In understanding women*’s mental health, the centrality of women*’s mental health is important because gender inequality interacts within a network of additional systems of power relations and privileges. Including those founded on ethnic group, class, age, education, sexuality and so on. 

So while all women* have gender-based oppression in common, to a greater or lesser extent, in other ways the lives of women* at the intersection of various differences and identities are unique not least because how exactly intersectionality is a unique blend for each woman* and also because some women* have power over other women*.


This talk discusses the mental health implications of some of the different manifestations of gender inequality such as gender differences, roles, lifestyles and relationships in a matrix of gendered socio-political determinants of mental health.

The admission is donation-based.

However, we ask participants to contribute a minimum of 5€ for each talk you wish to attend.

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